Pingbacks is a Word Press expression for when you create a link to another blog post. Usually it refers to one blog creator linking to a post from another individual’s blog, and is allowable, as long as the other blog accepts the pingback. These are pingbacks from my blog to my own posts, so I don’t think any rules are being broken here. It’s kind of self-serving, but with the 2023 income tax season extended to the fall here in California, I’ll be spending a lot more time in the office this year than usual, and I may not be able to get  “out in the field” as often as I’d like to for awhile. These are pingbacks to some of the post that I enjoyed working on the most. Each of the following pictures will have a link to the post that they originally appeared in.

‘The perfect San Francisco day, split over three days’


‘This Was San Francisco’



‘Nineteenth Century views from Nabob Hill’


‘Experiment in Terror revisited’


‘Down these streets’


‘San Francisco in the 1980s’


‘A Nob Hill Mystery’


‘San Francisco in the 1960s’


‘Mom and the summer of 1939’


‘San Francisco movie locations through the decades’



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