Exposition City Map

Next Friday, December 4th, will be the 100th anniversary of the closing of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. The best thing still left from that fair is the Palace of Fine Arts. To me, the next best thing is this 1912 Exposition City map that I first saw years ago in the Wells Fargo History Room on Montgomery Street of what the upcoming fair was going to look like. There are so many things NOT to see in this map; no Golden Gate or Bay Bridges, no Coit Tower or City Hall, and nothing but sand west of Twin Peaks where the Sunset District is today. If you click on this link below, it opens up to David Rumsey’s terrific version of this map that you can zoom in on for a great look at 1912 San Francisco. Alright, so they spelled Fisherman’s Wharf wrong, who’s gonna notice!      


The calm before the storm – Perusing Downtown San Francisco before the “Black Friday” craziness hits


“We’re going to need a bigger tree!”

MontCalifuse California at Montgomery in the 1950’s: I wonder if they still make Belfast Sparkling Water!

UnionSquarebloguse Union Square in 1948 from a Roger Sturtevant photo

StocktonMarketbloguse Market and Stockton Streets at Christmas time: Twin Peaks can be seen in the distance of both pictures.

Lanabloguse Lana Turner, seen here across from Union Square going into I Magnin’s in the 1960 film ‘Portrait in Black’, is plotting with Anthony Quinn to kill her husband at this point in the movie. She’d, probably, receive a longer jail term today for wearing that coat than she would for a murder conviction! Below, five Lana wannabes at the same spot today

.VictoryWindowuse A Victory Window during World War Two, and a Victory for the Macy’s PR Team window.

PeanutsBloguse “Peanuts” for Christmas: Poor Charlie Brown, he’s going to have another sad holiday! Looks like he’s going to need all of the SSRI’s Lucy can prescribe.

Mason1937bloguse 1937 limos in this John Gutmann photo at the Mark Hopkins Hotel:

The Pacific Union Club

PacificUnionforBloguse The exclusive men’s only Pacific Union Club on Nob Hill: I’ve been by there countless times, and I’ve never seen anyone going in or out. I wonder what goes on in there; probably, men in dinner jackets sipping brandy, and looking at Dow Jones reports. Heck, I could do that at home, if I had a dinner jacket and some stock!