Hello, friends! My name is Tim Welsh. I’m the owner and operator of Welsh Income Tax Service in Hayward, California. When I was fifteen, I fell in love with San Francisco. It wasn’t a first in the family; my mother at seventeen had traveled by train from North Dakota, where I was later born, to see the Treasure Island World’s Fair, and fell in love with “The City” long before I did. It’s been a love affair that’s never broken my heart. Here, with pictures from books, movies, the internet, and personal collections, I’ve had a chance to share my affection for San Francisco with comparison and location pictures that I’ve taken. I’ve had help from family and friends, and even my dog ‘Danny’ who sniffed out the trail of Buffalo Bill at Ocean Beach. My blog is for non commercial and non profit purposes only, and it’s always a lot of fun to work on. All posts have a link to related images, as well, and there is an archives option to view previous posts. You can also use the search option at the upper right of the cover page to see if there are any pictures or stories about a location or movie that you’re familiar with. I also have a few postings in places outside of San Francisco, such as Disneyland, Texas, and Yosemite. I hope you enjoy the pictures and stories, and please feel free to follow my blog, or make suggestions, comments or corrections if you like. You can also email comments to me at welshtax@att.net, or follow me on Instagram at sfinfilm.

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  • Tim, Please try to give photo credits – and if you do not have them, ask if anyone else knows. Your “old” Cliff House picture is a JB Monaco photo. ……indeed, the man is JB. himself. I know this because I am a friend of his grandson, and I have a nice little collection of his photos myself. The website is jbmonaco.com lots of photos & a number of sketches. JB came to his country in 1876, joined his brother in Nevada for a while, and worked & lived in SF from 1888 until he died in 1938. You did include two of my 3 faves…Monaco & Cushman, and I am an Ansel Adams fan too…

    Thanks for your efforts, Great site.

    Marci Hooper

    • Hi Marci: Thank you, that’s an excellent suggestion! I have often tried to identify the photographers, but have left many unidentified through oversight or because I wasn’t able to find the source. I’ll try to do more homework. I wasn’t sure which old Cliff House picture you referred to, I think you meant the fellow with his kids at Ocean Beach from the December 4th 2015 post. Let me know which one, and I would be honored to name Mr. Monaco as the source. I went to your website; those are terrific pictures! Some of them I think I have covered and may not have listed them as a JB Monaco picture. I’ll do some back tracking. Thank you so much for your comment. Tim Welsh

  • Hi there!

    May I get a copy of the photo you took of me in that alley where Bob Dylan was photographed in 65? I’m the redheaded Australian girl in the colourful vintage skirt. It was a pleasure meeting you guys!

    • You sure can, Adrianne. They turned out nice. You were really sweet! I was going to put it on my blog tomorrow but I can also email you a couple too. It was fun to meet you. Tim

  • Hi Tim, I wonder if you can do before and after pictures of places in the Las Vegas(Nevada)strip.

    • Hi, Januario! That’s a great idea, there’s a lot of photographic history there, in real life and in the movies. It’s been ages since I’ve been there, but I like the idea. I’ll keep it open. Thank you.

  • In the section called “A Walk Along Market Street”, you have an historic photo of the Golden Gate Theatre. Can you tell me where you got it? I’m trying to track it down for use in a video. Thanks.

  • Carla! How awesome to hear from you! Wow, this makes me feel good! I hope everything thing is well for you! This brings back memories. I keep in touch with Pat on Facebook regularly. Let’s be Facebook friends. Gawd, I still remember the night me and you went to a farewell party for the Trust Dept. manager on Treasure Island. I’m really happy to hear from you, and I hope Adele’s doing okay. Let’s keep in touch.

    • I think the Trust Department Manager was named Ted Gamble. You were working, possibly in the Trust Department Real Estate then. I used to tease you because you used to always say, “That’s pretty good, huh?” It was in the summer of 1977. It was a long time ago. I remember dropping you off on a house on a street off Lake Chabot Road, but I could be off on that, but it was definitely you. Say hi to Mark for me.

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