‘Dark Passage’ Film Clip Link

'Dark Passage'

Bogie’s lightening escape on a rocketing cable car, they average about eight miles an hour, after accidentally killing Agnes Moorehead in ‘Dark Passage:You can still see the holes where the ladder was attached today at the location of the fire escape scene. The link here shows this scene and it’s 1947 images of Russian Hill, Union Square, and the Powell and Market St. cable car turntable.

‘Experiment in Terror’ Film Clip Link

'Experiment in Terror'

Pretty Lee Remick parks at Fisherman’s Wharf to await instructions on where to deliver ransom money to free her kidnapped sister, Stephanie Powers in ‘Experiment in Terror’.. She’s told by kidnapper Ross Martin to attend a Giants – Dodgers baseball game at Candlestick Park. where the film ends in a climactic shootout with Martin being shot dead on the pitcher’s mound. Candlestick closes at the end of the 49ers football season this year, and like Lee Remick, will also be just a pretty memory to me now.