‘After the Thin Man’

'After the Thin Man'

Nick and Nora Charles driving to the front of their hilltop home, (which was never shown because it’s Coit Tower) in ‘After the Thin Man’ (1936). This is the parking lot of the tower, and a statue of Columbus now occupies the turnaround in the middle. The urn balustrade from the film shot was considered unsightly, and was eventually removed.

thinmanparking After circling the parking lot, Nick and Nora’s chauffeured car stops at, presumably, the front of their home. The bottom of the staircase that leads to Coit Tower is on the left in both pictures.


‘Mr Wong in Chinatown’

'Mr Wong in Chinatown'

Lotta’s erection! Built in 1875, an extension had been added to the famous Lotta’s Fountain at Kearny and Market by the time of this scene from ‘Mr Wong in Chinatown’ (1939). Boris Karloff playing the Chinese detective was about as convincing as Jackie Chan playing Sherlock Holmes, and the series did poorly. The fountain was restored to it’s initial height, and moved back to it’s original location in 1999.