Ridin’ the Rails (3)


A major streetcar strike in the Spring of 1907 caused a riot between strikebreakers temporarily operating the streetcars and the strikers. On May 7, 1907, gunfire broke out leaving two dead and twenty wounded. This photograph, taken the following day, shows a heavy police guard protecting the streetcars in something called a “Circus Parade”. The picture was put on a postcard; notice the mention of the riot to “Gertrude” by the sender. To me, the most interesting things about the picture, taken at Divisadero and California Streets are the long-ago lass in dark running across the intersection, and that somebody didn’t know how to spell Divisadero. (Thumbnail image)

Ridin’ the Rails (5)


Muni, eventually, took over the cable car system as well, and it’s still part of the Municipal Railway. This is on California between Stockton and Grant. The spot where the No Parking sign is in the old picture was where the Trafalgar Building, apparently, recently demolished by the time this 1951 photo was taken, was located. Just four years before the vintage picture was taken, the opening scenes from Bob Hope’s ‘My Favorite Brunette’ were filmed here. (Thumbnail image)