San Francisco in the 1980s

eightiesbeltlineuse These are updates of slides I took in San Francisco in the 1980s when slide photography was popular. Gawd, I’m doing then and nows on my own pictures! If I didn’t already feel old……..  This view is of the Embarcadero near Broadway and the old Belt Line railroad tracks in May of 1983: This is an area that has changed drastically since 1983. You can see part of the building the Exploritorium moved into on the left. Nice Thunderbird!

eightiesvallejostuse This view is looking down Vallejo Street on Telegraph Hill in May of 1983: “Slug bug!” That’s a game we used to play when we were kids; the first person to spot a Volkswagen would hit the person they were with on the arm. I was nearsighted so I was never very good at it.

eightiesunionsquareuse Union Square when it had grass looking toward the St. Francis in May 1983: I wonder who those ladies photo bombing me were! Hey, lady, put out that cigarette!

eightiesFBuildingbloguse Mission Street at the Embarcadero in May of 1983: That’s the Embarcadero Freeway on the left. Sinbad’s Restaurant was finally forced to close this year. They sure liked to save paint on their crosswalks back then. “Slug bug!”

eightiesHarrisonuse Harrison at the Embarcadero in May of 1983: Look how run down it was back then! The opening of AT&T Park really did a lot for this area.There’s the Embarcadero Freeway again. You can just barely see the Ferry Building in the new shot. The old Hill’s Brothers Coffee Building is on the left.

eightiescliffhouseuse Ah, the Cliff House that I liked best in August of 1983; and back when it could still be seen from Sutro Heights:

eightiespowellstusePowell Street looking up Nob Hill: This was taken in June of 1984, the day that the cable cars were placed back in service after a two year shutdown for repairs.

eightiesKABLBloguse Looking down Commercial Street toward the Ferry Building in August of 1983: KABL Radio! I remember that station! That’s the one we turned off because we thought it was for old people, and I like that kind of music now! “Slug bug!”

EightiesfromCoituse The view of the waterfront from Coit Tower in May of 1983: Not too different now, except for the absence of the Embarcadero Freeway, and the pier that used to run out to the Bay Bridge tower that could not exist today because of 9/11.

Eightiespier39fromvoituse Pier 39, Alcatraz, and Angel Island from Coit Tower in May of 1983: I must have taken my picture from the same Coit Tower window as I did in 1983.

eightiesFWharfuse Fisherman’s Wharf from Coit Tower in May of 1986: The World War Two submarine Pampanito is still tied up at Pier 45, but the Liberty Ship Jeremiah O’Brien is tied up behind her today. I don’t know what the two ships behind her in 1986 were. The Wax Museum sign is long gone.

eightieseighthandMarketuse Market Street at Eighth St. in September of 1985: Looks pretty close today. They were just starting to run the old trolleys about then, you can see one in both pictures. The Orpheum Theater has a new sign now, but I couldn’t get it in my picture.  Click on the link below for a collection of pictures I posted  in November of 2014 on the classic ‘A Trip Down Market Street’ from 1906. The old film began about here.


One thought on “San Francisco in the 1980s

  • I was still in high school at this time, so did not see much of San Francisco. I worked at the Saint Francis Yacht Club briefly near the end of high school. My college roommate and I got into some naughty situations in San Francisco during the later 1980s though.

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