Don’t worry; they’re safe (Part one)

You’d think from these accidents that cable car riding is as dangerous as tiger hunting, but cable car accidents almost never happen anymore. And in even the ones involved in the vintage pictures, few people were seriously hurt. Although, a girl involved in a 1964 cable car accident claimed that it turned her into a nymphomaniac! It probably depends on your point of view on just how tragic that was. These terrific SF Chronicle vintage pictures are from

SafeHydeWashuseHyde and Washington Streets in August of 1974: A cable car derails after colliding with a pickup truck.

SafeJacksonPowellusePowell and Jackson Streets in September of 1955:

“No, thanks.  I’ll wait for the next one.”

SafeWashTayloruseWashington Street just up from Taylor Street in January of 1958: A cable car heading down hill hit the cement truck here, derailed, and slid twenty feet down the hill.

SafeWashnearPowelluse Washington Street west of Powell in 1953: A rare cable car rear ender.

SafePowellPineoneusePowell and Pine Streets, March of 1950:

“I think we cut it too close! I’ll leave a note on their car.”

SafePowellPinetwousePowell Street at Pine looking north in the 1950s

“Hey, guys! Did that cable car just hit our truck and take off? Where does he think he’s going?”

SafePowellSuttertwousePowell Street at Sutter, September of 1957: It must have been Ralph Kramden driving that bus!

SafePowellSutteroneusePowell Street north of Sutter in February of 1974: When cable cars try to sneak in the back door of the bus:








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