Don’t Worry, they’re safe (Part two)

As I mentioned in my previous post, cable car accidents are extremely rare nowadays, and the ones in the vintage pictures from SF Gate usually resulted in few serious injuries. Unless you count the injuries to the cable cars!

SafeGwichandMasonuseGreenwich at Mason Streets in 1958: The passengers don’t seem too rattled.

“Lovely view, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but I think we hit something!”

SafeHydeCnut2useLooking down Hyde Street at Chestnut in 1965; cable cars on the left side are heading up the hill, so the car may have slipped back after something broke off of it. You’ll have to take my word for it that Alcatraz is still out there.

SafeHydeChestnut1useHyde Street at Chestnut looking in the opposite direction of the previous pictures in 1964: Don’t ask me what the chain reaction of this accident was, or how it came about. The truck in front may be about to tow the cable car away, or it may have caused the accident.

SafeCalifPowellusePowell Street at California in 1963: Cable car collisions are extremely rare here, if at all, since they put the signal control box on the far right in.

SafeNPointuseNorth Point Street at Hyde in 1958: I would guess that the truck driver was at fault; cable cars always have the right-of-way.

SafePowellnearBushusePowell Street north of Bush in 1960: Cable car brakes used to slip occasionally long ago, something that fortunately hasn’t happened in a long time, so I’m guessing that the cable car was at fault here. Interestingly, we have a bus, a taxi, a personally owned automobile, and a cable car involved in this one. The only thing missing, very fortunately, was a motorcycle.




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