‘Still more pictures from the 1980s’, soon to be followed by ‘Still, still more pictures from the 1980s’, in turn, to be followed by ‘Still, still, still more pictures from the 1980s’

Not really, I don’t think I have that many more 1980s pictures. As I have mentioned before, I was really into slide photography back in the 1980s. The film was more expensive and you had to have some type of projector to look at the pictures, but the quality was the best of any of the photos I took. What’s more, although I couldn’t have known it then, slide pictures convert to digital pictures much clearer than scanned snapshots. These are more updates of slide pictures I took from 1983 to 1987 to start out the Memorial Day Weekend. This weekend, we’ll be remembering a lot more brave men and women that have gone since I took the original pictures; many not even born yet back then.

Still801stStuseMarket and First Streets looking toward the Ferry Building in 1985: The novel concept of running old streetcars along Market Street was just getting started then, and it developed into today’s wonderful F and E Line of vintage streetcars.

Still80Pier26usePier 26, directly under the Bay Bridge, on an overcast day in 1983, and an overcast May 25th, 2019. Those are the old Belt Line Railway tracks, no longer in use back then, on the right in my old picture.

Still80EmbarcaderouseThe Embarcadero, south of the Ferry Building, with the infamous Embarcadero Freeway in 1983: The freeway was demolished in 1991. There was a Giants baseball game at Giants Stadium today, (I’m calling it that, see?) so fans were heading to the game near here in my current picture, something that would have been a concept out of science fiction in 1983.. The game turned out to be as gloomy for the Giants as the weather was in my old shot.

Still80MuniuseSteuart Street and Don Chee Way south of Market Street and another look at the Embarcadero Freeway in 1984: The building on the right where the Muni Museum is now wasn’t built in 1984.

Still80CalifStuseI think this one turned out the best, and I got a break when the sun came out for a bit. This is looking down California Street from Stockton. My original picture was taken in 1983. There were no cable cars running in San Francisco at that time. The system had shut down in 1982 for repairs and wouldn’t reopen until June of 1984. It’s hard to imagine two years without cable cars nowadays! (It was hard to imagine then too) You can see the work being done on the cable line down at the bottom of California Street in my 80’s picture.

DLandAdventurelanduseI also made it back down to Disneyland for my annual “Memorial Day or close to it” tradition this week. Here is a slide from 1983 at the entrance to Adventureland.   Either people have stopped having babies, or they don’t rent strollers in Disneyland anymore.

DLandAdventureuseLooking back in the opposite direction from the previous picture near the entrance to Adventureland in 1987: That’s my sister and her four kids:  The one on my lap didn’t stop making faces before the camera until she got into her thirties, or something like that. Hmm, I didn’t remember that I used to part my hair.

DlandTomLanduseIt’s a whole different Tomorrowland with different looking Monorail Trains today than our 1987 trip here to Disneyland. That’s my little brother Pat on the right. We lost Pat in 1995, and I never can recapture all of the fun I had in Disneyland that I had when he was along.











4 thoughts on “‘Still more pictures from the 1980s’, soon to be followed by ‘Still, still more pictures from the 1980s’, in turn, to be followed by ‘Still, still, still more pictures from the 1980s’

  • Things look so much better without the Embarcadero Freeway blocking all the views- one good thing to come from that scary earthquake! Those black and white striped poles along the Embarcadero always remind me of a Sephora store entrance. I clearly spend too much time in malls.

  • The one in the stroller is about the same age as my #4 sister. Goodness, all your old pictures are fun until I can actually remember the time! Now I feel old. Oh well. It was worth it.

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