6/2 in 1962 (For Cindy)

No, that’s not a song by the band Chicago, that was ‘25 or 6 to 4’. I have a friend who was born in 1962 on June 2nd. Of course, a lot of people were born on June 2nd 1962, but Cindy’s the only one that I know. These are vintage pictures from 1962.

1962JonesuseJones Street looking down toward Union Street and beyond to the Bay: (flickr)

1962FWharfuseJefferson and Taylor at Fisherman’s Wharf: (flickr)

1962PowellCCaruseThe cable car turnaround at Powell and Market Streets looking in the opposite direction from where most pictures are taken at this location: Eddy Street where the building with the ‘Christopher for Lieutenant Governor’ sign is used to cut through to Market Street before it was cut off in the early 1970’s by Hallidie Plaza and the Powell Street BART Station. George Christopher, who was Mayor of San Francisco in 1962, lost his bid for lieutenant Governor in that election. (Chronicle)

1962MarketStuseLooking across Market Street to the cable car turnaround on Powell Street: (opensfhistory.org)

1962CTownuseGrant Avenue and California Street in Chinatown on a sunny day in 1962, and a foggy day in 2019: (Gayraj.com)

1962ChampsuseCity Hall honors the San Francisco Giants 1962 Pennant win, and the 2013 Oracle Team, USA 2013 America’s Cup yacht racing victory. (Vintage image source unknown)

1962MonorailuseCindy’s crazy about Disneyland too. These are pictures from Disneyland taken in 1962. The Monorail passing the Disneyland entrance: That looks like the Disneyland Hotel being constructed in the far back of the vintage picture. (Blogspot.com)

1962FLanduseDumbo the Flying Elephant Ride and the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship in Fantasyland with the Matterhorn in the background: This was as close as I could come to this spot now. (flickr)

1962MansionuseThe Haunted Mansion: The unfinished Haunted Mansion sat on a hill between Frontierland and the Indian Village from 1962 until it opened in August of 1969, with different reasons for the delayed opening including the death of Walt Disney in 1966. (Disney Parks Blog)

1962submarineuseThe Submarine Lagoon and Monorail Station with the old Skyway in Tomorrowland: (dailymail.co.uk)




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