Convenient ways to get around town

GetaroundlombardredoGetting around San Francisco by car can still be convenient on the occasional times when traffic is light, like the last time it was on Lombard Street in 1922. (

BlockwashingtonuseAlthough, not as convenient of a way to travel as they once were now that there are only three lines, they’re still the best way of getting up and down San Francisco’s steep hills.

GetaroundmotorcoachuseThe bus, or in this case the “motor coach”, is still the most practical way around town. Once you could ride on a Muni bus for up to six hours sometimes on a single fare. Unfortunately, they recently cut their transfer allowed time down to no more than 90 minutes. Muni will never be as inexpensive again. What can you do? The Muni bus in the top photo is from circa 1935. The lower picture is a similar motor coach passing the old Southern Pacific Building at the foot of Market Street. (SFGate)

GetaroundescortuseA police escort is an easy way to get around town, like here on Post Street next to Union Square in 1952, but I usually turn those down when they offer them to me. (Shorpy Collection)

GetaroundMarketuse “The roar of the four” is how they referred to the four streetcar lines that ran along Market Street, and you can still ride old streetcars along Market today. I didn’t get a “roar of the four” but I did give a “Gee!” for the three on Market Street between Stockton and Powell Streets today; two streetcars and a bus.

Get aroundbicycleuseLong before automobiles were invented, bicycles were a great way to get around San Francisco. They still are…… although, that’s not the usual attire when bike riding around the city. I, kind of, felt sorry for that girl crossing the Embarcadero over to the Ferry Building.

“I’m just going to pretend that I don’t see this, and walk by.”

Sometimes, it’s not a good idea to always have your camera with you.

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