BlockbromouseThe 100 Block of the Embarcadero: Bromo-Seltzer, the famous hangover treatment; I logged a few doses of that myself. According to Wikipedia it was removed from the market in 1975 because of a toxic sedative in the ingredients. The vintage picture is from 1951.

BlockymcauseI didn’t have too hard a time finding where the previous picture was taken; I’ve seen the 1958 movie ‘The Lineup’ too many times. Here, hit man Eli Wallach walks across the Embarcadero to the old YMCA Building to knock off his first victim.

BlockPowelluseThe 800 Block of Market Street: The view is toward the Powell Street cable car turntable next to the Flood Building. Look how small the crowds were in the vintage 1950s picture from

blockdrakeuseThe 400 Block of Sutter Street: A lonely looking Sergeant, it looks like, walks past the garage entrance to the Sir Francis Drake Hotel during World War Two.

blockbroadwayuseThe 500 Block of Broadway:  The sex and sin area of the International Settlement moved up one block to Broadway in the 1960s, probably due to Carol Doda, who died in 2015. Most of the strip clubs closed down by the 1980s, and this section of Broadway became something of a ghost town by the 1990s. This area has picked up again with new clubs to hang out at and the nighttime crowds are back.

BlockHammauseThe 1500 Block of Bryant Street: The old Hamm’s Brewery on Bryant Street, closed in 1972, will bring back a lot of memories to older baseball fans in San Francisco. Just across Bryant Street from the brewery was where home plate at Seals Stadium was. (SF Chronicle)

BlockSealsStadiumuseA Flickr Photo shows Seals Stadium from the air. The minor league stadium for the San Francisco Seals was built in 1931 and demolished in 1959. Joe DiMaggio hit safely in 61 straight games when he played here in the minors. The major league New York Giants played their 1958 and 1959 seasons here while they waited for Candlestick Park to be built. The street on the right is Bryant Street, the street at the top is 16th Street.

block16thuseThe 2300 Block of 16th Street: A bus stop on 16th Street is now where fans once entered Seals Stadium.

BlockPotreroCenterusePotrero Center now occupies where Seals Stadium was located. In a vintage photo of Seals Stadium from the air, the Hamm’s Brewery can be seen at the top of the picture. I took my picture from about where deep center field close to the right field side was.

BlocktoberUnionuse BlockUniontwouseThe 400 Block of Union Street: A couple relaxes on Union Street at Genoa Place in the 1950s. Their little tree has grown quite a bit now and blocks the view of Russian Hill from this spot today. I had to go out in Union Street a ways to get Russian Hill into the picture in the lowest photo.


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