Fleet Week, 2017

Set sail with me as we cruise around the Bay on Blue Angels Day aboard the SS Jeremiah O’Brien.

FleetopeneruseThe top picture was a slide that I took of the Jeremiah O’Brien in 1985 when she was still tied up at Fort Mason. The bottom picture was of the visitors logging in for yesterday’s cruise. They served free beer all day long on the ship so we got pretty well logged when we got aboard too!

FleetKevinuseSelf appointed Quartermaster, Brother Kevin, near the forward gun, attempts to take charge.

“Clap him in irons!” he kept yelling.

I don’t think they do that anymore.

Fleetmeuse“Fire at will!”

“Which one is Will?”

That GEICO Insurance commercial cracks me up!

FleetpeopleonbridgeuseIt was so calm that when we went under the Golden Gate Bridge the people on the ship and the people on the bridge were yelling back and forth to each other! I was still at the gun, so I yelled, “Which one of you is Will?”

Fleetunder the bridgeuseThere was much more of a navy presence when I took the top picture from Fort Point on Fleet Day, 1985. The crew of the ships would stand at attention for San Francisco, and it was really something to see! I’ll have to look the number up and see what carrier that was.

FleetDay1986useThese two pictures I took from Telegraph Hill on Fleet Day in 1986, in the top photo, and 1983 in the lower picture. Remember, this was still during the Cold War and there were a lot more active navy vessels in the fleet back then.

fleetbridgetobridgeuseThe price of the ticket included a stunning bridge to bridge tour, all of the coffee, donuts, hamburgers, hot dogs, sodas, and beer you can hold for free, and a sunburn on your face if you’re like some dummy whose name we won’t mention who didn’t bring sunscreen! You can see one of the navy ships that came in for Fleet Week docked on the left of the Bay Bridge picture.

FleetshowtimeuseThe ships begin to gather near “The Rock” for the air show:

Fleet747useWe had a fly over from a 747 as part of the show.

FleetcloseruseThe Blue Angels are awesome, but to me, the best part of the show is always San Francisco Bay. The video below is a little bit of both.



4 thoughts on “Fleet Week, 2017

  • Nice piece… FYI, the carrier you mentioned going under the GGB in 1985 and 86 is the USS Enterprise CVA(N)-65, the first nuclear powered carrier. She was decommissioned in Feb of this year after 55+ years of service. A new Gerald Ford class carrier will once again bear the name, USS Enterprise, CVN-80 sometime in the future.

  • You are welcome, glad to help. I’m a native San Franciscan, born and raised. I remember a lot of the military stuff, especially when the carriers came back to Alameda. Military history is a hobby of mine since growing up, thru my time in the Marines and even now. I got to tour the “Big E” back in the late 70’s too. Great ship, from a long lineage of Enterprise’s going back to the Revolutionary War. Cheers!

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