Still more talking to the Stars around San Francisco

You never can tell who you might bump into on a sunny day journey around San Francisco.

Startalkingbullittuse“Steve McQueen! It was awesome the way you took after those bad guys in your Mustang! Why are you here on Broadway?”

“I have to get some money from my bank.”

“Which bank is that, Steve?”

“The Chase Bank.”

“Now, why did I not see that coming?”

(Bullitt – 1968)

StartalkingtheOrganizationuse“Sidney Poitier! What’s that contraption you’re going into here near Fisherman’s Wharf?”

“It’s called a telephone booth. You pick up this little gadget here, twirl this little number gizmo, and you can talk to anybody in the world!”

“Well, what will they think of next?”

(The Organization – 1971)  StartalkOrganizationtwouse The building behind Sidney in the top movie image is the Longshoremen’s Hall on North Point Street.

StartalkConversationuse “Cindy Williams! What are you looking deep in thought about here in Union Square?”

“I think this guy behind me is listening to me!”

“Why, it’s Gene Hackman! What did Cindy say, Gene?”

“Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated! I can’t interpret that.”

“I don’t think anybody can, Gene.”

(The Conversation – 1974)

StartalkingHudsonuse“Rock Hudson! What on earth are you doing here at the Powell Street cable car turnaround?”

“I like to show people that we movie stars are, on the whole, good-natured. We like to pitch in when we can. You know, like helping push this little trolley here!”

“It’s not a trolley, it’s a cable car.”

“Oh, sorry.” (1959 –

StartalkingFerryBuildinguse “Barbara Lawrence! You look cross!”

“I am! The Ferry Building tower just “bonged” ten times, and this dumb lady next to me keeps asking if I know what time it is!”

“Well, we have that kind in San Francisco too, Barbara!”

(Thieves Highway – 1949)

Startalkingnightoutuse“Charlie Chaplin! Does your back hurt?”

“I fall down at least a dozen times in these silly movies, and this fellow asks me if my back hurts! Run along.”

(A Night Out – 1915. Filmed in Oakland)

StartalkingDPassageuse“Humphrey Bogart! What are you doing up here on Russian Hill?”

“I just accidentally killed Agnes Moorehead, and I have to get away fast or I’ll never clear myself!”

“I see. Well good luck! Wait, who’s this coming down behind you? Oh, it’s him!”

(Dark Passage – 1947)


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