“Bless the beasts and the children”

I like that song and not being in a particularly creative mood I couldn’t think of a better title for this post on the last weekend of the summer of 2017.

Beastsgoatuse1960, where Bush Street used to cut into Market Street:

“So, I’m walking my goat on Market Street! Do you have a problem with that?”

“No, Sir, I do not!”

Heck, if I had a goat, I might even do that too………. No, I wouldn’t! The Mechanics Statue and the Crown Zellerbach Building with its famous turquoise curtains are on the right and the Hobart Building is just to the left of the Zellerbach Building in both pictures.

BeastsKearnyuseKids in 1947 on Kearny Street just up from Broadway: The photographer isn’t identified in the vintage picture posted on Pinterest, but it looks a Fred Lyon photo to me, as he was great at getting pictures like this.

BeastsfirestationuseThe old Fire Station #15 on California Street near Laguna: There’s still a fire station at this same spot only now it’s Fire Station #38, and as much as I love horses, they get to the problem a lot quicker now.

beastslagoonuseFisherman’s Wharf Boat Lagoon in June of 1987: One of these days they’ll invent a kid that doesn’t stick his or her tongue out when having their picture taken. That little tyke that’s on my left shoulder in the 1987 photo is the same grown up tyke on my right shoulder in the current picture.

beastsdannyuseA 1970’s dude playing with his dogs on Ocean Beach: The bottom photo is my dog, Danny, on Ocean Beach in May of 2011. Danny was over twelve years old when I took this picture, but he ran along the beach like when he was a puppy, and he was still quite a “chick magnet” too!

beasthydeStuseOne of my slides at the foot of the Hyde Street Pier in 1985: I don’t know whose waif that was, but I vaguely remember that I thought it was pretty cool the way she was sitting up on that post just like Huckleberry Finn or something, so I took the picture.

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