The Solar Eclipse – Don’t take this post too seriously (For sun watchers Amy and Christie)

Leave it to a solar eclipse to mess up some good then and nows! (Vintage photos from

EclipsegirlsuseThe crowd begins to gather.

eclipseninifouruseJust after 9 AM the eclipse begins.

Eclipseninitwentuoneuse9:21 AM: Something’s starting to happen.

Eclipseninefortyuse9:40 AM, halfway to the high point: Either it’s getting darker or I’m falling asleep!

eclipsetenamuse10:00 AM: Traffic came to a halt due to the fading light.

EclipsecrowduseBecause of the dark, some people accidentally wandered into the wrong crowd than the one they came with, and are still missing.

Eclipsetentwentyoneuse10:21 AM, the high point of the solar eclipse: People were bumping into each other at this point because of the darkness, and flashlight vendors made a fortune!

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