I gotta get out more often!

VisitCarrieuseDuring a four day visit from two of my nieces from Texas last Thursday I had a chance to visit some places in California that I haven’t seen for many years; some not at all. Of course, I would have been content to spend all four days in San Francisco, but they wouldn’t go for it. So, these are photos from a four day Odyssey from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay, and Monterey, Carmel, Santa Cruz, and the Napa Valley. Leave it to some crazy nieces to bring out the teenager in me.

VisitCtownuse The entrance gate to Chinatown on Grant Avenue: (Vintage picture from timeline.com)

Beckett The once notorious Beckett Alley in Chinatown: In 1913 this street had 29 brothels on both sides of the street according to the National Trust Guide to San Francisco. Numbers 8 and 10 here were just two of them. However, passing gentlemen no longer experience encounters with “ladies of the evening” in the alley today.

visitGGBridgeuseHappy memories are made by visiting relatives who embarrass the heck out of you with their clowning.

visitmissionuseThis one is for the two nice ladies in the Mission Dolores Gift Shop. At the top is a picture of Alfred Hitchcock in front of the mission during the filming of his 1958 film ‘Vertigo’. Several scenes from the movie were filmed here, and being the oldest building in San Francisco, it’s a very historic place to visit.

VisitalamosquseAlamo Square is back open again for fans of ‘Full House’, which I never, particularly, was.

visitFPointuse At the top of Fort Point in June of 1987: The little girl in the center of the 1987 picture is the girl on the right in last Friday’s photo.

VisitHalfmoonuseTwo moons at Half Moon Bay: Another place I seldom visit, although it’s such a scenic ocean town, Half Moon Bay also has its world famous Pumpkin Festival every Halloween.

visitmarilynuseMarilyn Monroe and Keith Andes at Cannery Row, Monterey in the 1952 movie ‘Clash by Night’, also starring Barbara Stanwyck, Paul Douglas and Robert Ryan.

VisitcanneryuseCannery Row, Monterey, named for the old sardine canneries located here is an historic and fun place to visit thanks to John Steinbeck and the Monterey Aquarium.

VisitcypressuseThe 250 year old Lone Cypress Tree in Pebble Beach in painting and in person:

visitlighthouseuseThe old Pigeon Point Lighthouse, now closed, is another one of those places in “my own back yard” that I’ve never visited.

CaliforniagirlsfromTexas “I wish they all could be California girls!” (that come from Texas)

visitnaparedo Some of the most beautiful scenery in California is in the Napa Valley wine country.

“Uncle Tim, it says Private Vineyard-Keep Out.”


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