Three along the “Hyde Street Grip”

HydeFranciscouseA cable car climbs Hyde Street at Francisco Street in 1973 celebrating the Centennial of the cable cars invented in 1873:

HydeLombarduse Don’t believe everything you read, unless you read it here! When I found this old picture it read that it was a cable car crossing Lombard Street at Hyde in 1936. I didn’t buy it when I read it, and I confirmed it when I got there. Still, I climbed up a stone wall on the corner of Hyde and Lombard to get a comparison picture anyway. I’m a dedicated blogger, especially when the stone wall is only four feet high. The vintage picture was actually taken one block south at Greenwich Street. However, Lombard Street is a lot more alluring, so this is a then and now picture taken at Lombard Street and Hyde of a cable car crossing Greenwich Street and Hyde.

HydebergenuseA Cable car starting the Hyde Street climb at Bergen Alley in the 1970’s: What it is! What it is! Dig those far out 1970’s colors! Are they in your face or what? That sounds like ‘That 70’s Show’!


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