Disneyland 2017

Frontierbloguse No, these ladies at the entrance to Frontierland aren’t part of the show, that’s how people dressed in the 1950’s. Boy, people sure were funny looking in THOSE days, huh? (You can see where this is going)

Carteruse President Jimmy Carter jogging through Frontierland: This picture was taken in 1982, after his tenure as Commander in Chief.

Matterhornuse The old Skyway to Fantasyland through the Matterhorn, and the People Mover: It’s hard to believe that two people died from falling off the People Mover; It was always the slowest ride in the park! You can still see the People Mover track today.

Openinguse A parade advertising the different lands to visit on Disneyland’s opening day, July 17th 1955: (Vintage photo from Omg Cute Things)

MainStblog1981 Those aren’t characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean in the top photo. That’s my mom and dad, my brother Pat, my sister Julie’s kids, Beverly, Carrie Ann, Stacy, and me on Main Street in 1981.

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