Bestiesbakerstuse Besties in the 1950’s on the Baker Street steps in Pacific Heights:

BestieKearnybloguse An interesting picture showing the filming of a scene with sisters Katrin and Christine Hanson (Barbara Bel Geddes and Peggy McIntyre) walking down Kearny Street on Telegraph Hill for the 1948 movie ‘I Remember Mama’. I’m guessing that the guy looking out the window was just somebody living there at the time. (Vintage photo from Vienna’s Classic Hollywood)

BestiesCHouseuse Victorian besties above the old gingerbread Cliff House:

Bestiesteahouseuse 1940’s besties at the tea house in the Japanese Tea Garden. Period pictures like this are historical today; after Pearl Harbor the name of the Japanese Tea Garden was changed to the Oriental Tea Garden and all Japanese cultural artifacts were removed. The lady waiting on the two “besties” was probably Chinese. The teahouse is still inside the garden today.

BestiestopMarkuse Besties at the Top of the Mark:

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