Out Taraval way (For Susana)

My brief visit to Taraval Street last Saturday got me interested in exploring the area a little more. I headed back out there today on the old L Line through the Twin Peaks Tunnel, now known as the Metro L Line.

Taraval24eastuse 24th Avenue and Taraval Street looking east in 1962:


TravalLincolnHighuse What high school girls looked like in 1943 at the old Lincoln High School on 24th Avenue:


Taraval24thwestuse Taraval Street and 24th Avenue looking west in 1949: The old L Line survives.



THE place to see movies on Taraval Street was the old Parkside Theater near 19th Avenue. Although the theater building is still there, (the gray building in the center) it’s now the Parkside Preschool and Kindergarten. Below is the Parkside Theater summer schedule for 1962. (Joseph McInerney Collection)

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