Blissfully unaware

A lot of things happened in San Francisco yesterday and today. There was a power outage due to a fire that left nearly 90,000 people without electricity on Friday. Some people were stuck elevators! A hiker was stranded on the cliffs of Lands End on Friday, and had to be rescued by helicopter. Actually, I was behind the Cliff House near that area at the time and saw the helicopter hovering around where I was at, but I thought it was just somebody watching me! On Saturday, tens of thousand of people marched down Market Street to celebrate Earth Day. However, I was out at the ocean on both days, and I was “blissfully unaware” of the events until I got home.

BlissYBuenaTunneluse Coming and going, the east and west side of Yerba Buena Tunnel: Traffic was a lot lighter on the bridge when they took the old picture.

BlissLodgeuse Headed out to the ocean through Golden Gate Park past the McLaren Lodge:

Blisswoodsuse I’m taking “the road not taken” in Golden Gate Park. It looks like there was a lot of storm damage in this part of the park!

BlissPointLobosuse Rounding Point Lobos I was lucky to find a parking spot at the beach. Once again had the same idea that several million other people had! (

BlissSRocks1use The tide behind the Cliff House was as low as I’ve ever seen it!

BlissSRocks2use The old photo is how it usually looks at Seal Rocks, but yesterday I was able to get as close to Seal Rocks as I’ve ever been, maybe about a hundred feet! I hope they aren’t radioactive like the Farallon Islands are supposed to be!

BlissChouseuse.jpg You don’t get a chance to walk completely around the Cliff House that often.

Blisspooluse Saturday I spent time mostly around the southwest side of town. There’s a lot of interesting things to enjoy around there; the Urbano Sundial, Fort Funston, and the San Francisco Zoo to mention a few. What was once the largest swimming pool in the world is now buried beneath the San Francisco Zoo Parking lot.

BlissTaravaluse The most commercial street in the lower Sunset District is Taraval Street but I don’t get over there too often, and it has its own flavor. This is looking east at Taraval and 21st Avenue. (Vintage photo from the Jack Tillmany Collection)

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