Vintage cars in the City:

These started out to be a collection of pictures of old cars around town, but San Francisco scenery always steals the show.

autoferrybuilduse Two olds Oldmobiles, I mean, two old Oldsmobiles on the north side of the Ferry Building:

automontcalifuse I would have liked to have taken a better lineup on this vintage picture from the Shorpy Collection on California Street near Montgomery, but when you’re double parked in a valet parking zone with your car door open (Yeah, that was me) you only have time for one shot before a parking attendant drives away with your car!

autocaliforniastuse California Street just down from Powell on Nob Hill:


Jefferson and Taylor Streets: Fisherman’s Wharf was really pretty yesterday, and more crowed than normal for February.

automaritimeuse The Maritime Museum in the 1970’s: I don’t know if these are “vintage” cars, but at least they’re older than the one I drive!

autovannessuse At the foot of Van Ness: This is as close of a match up as I could get on this one, most of the hill here that used to be called Black Point is over grown and closed off now. You can hardly see the Maritime Museum, but two things still visible are Coit Tower and you can still make out the circular snack bar and restrooms building, long closed, through the trees. Clint Eastwood ran out of the old train tunnel across the street, also closed now, to answer a telephone call from the psycho “Scorpio” at this building in 1971’s ‘Dirty Harry’.

autostreetcarmarketuse I was riding in the back of an old streetcar on Market Street, relaxing after a long day of relaxing, when I took this picture. When I got back, I thought it lined up pretty good with an old slide I took while riding on a street car on Market Street in 1984. It shows three things; Market Street hasn’t changed an awful lot in 33 years, I still have the same habits that I had back then, and I was a better photographer in 1984. The old 1984 photo was taken with a Canon camera with a telephoto lens that was great for zooming in on girls and other wildlife. I still have it, but it’s not computer compatible.

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