More ‘Our San Francisco’

Another collection of San Francisco Chronicle pictures from ‘Our San Francisco’:

ourpressuse The Press Coffee Shop at 5th and Jessie Streets next to the old Mint Building in the 1920’s: It looked like it was a cozy little place.

ourfloodquakeuse The Winged Victory Statue at the intersections of Turk, Mason, and Market Streets after the 1906 Earthquake and Fire: The statue stood about where the pedestrian island is today. A survivor of the disaster, the Flood Building, is on the right. The Winged Victory Statue survived too and is now at Montgomery and Market Streets.

ourhitchherebuse “Hitch” and Herb in Union Square in 1963: Alfred Hitchcock with Herb Caen promoting his new movie, ‘The Birds’. Although most of the buildings behind them on Post Street are gone now, the one that Williams-Sonoma occupies is still there.

ourj2p2use PJP2 at the G.G.B.: Pope John Paul the 2nd blessing the Golden Gate Bridge in 1987.

motor10_mcqueen_bullitt_PHb1 SFGate is a fine website that has many San Francisco Chronicle pictures from ‘Our San Francisco’. Here is their collection of some of the best San Francisco movies. It’s not a bad list, but it doesn’t have ‘Experiment in Terror’ in it. Below, is the link to the article on their selections. Click on the arrow at the right of the images or slide them if on your smart phone to advance the pictures. If you don’t know what the first picture is from, I’m not going to tell you.

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