Relaxin’ awhile

RelaxMechanicsuse San Franciscans relaxing at the Mechanics Monument on Market Street in 1960: The two buildings in the background are the Southern Pacific Building, with the largest advertising sign in San Francisco at the time, and the PG&E Building. The statue has been shifted from it’s location in the vintage picture, so you have to stand across Battery Street to get those two buildings and the monument in the same picture today. Dedicated in 1901, the city was destroyed around Mechanics Monument in 1906, Theodore Roosevelt gave a speech here in 1911, Ten people were killed when a bomb exploded several blocks away in 1916 in an unsolved crime that is the worst terrorist attack in San Francisco to date, and an abundance of parades have passed by it on Market Street.  (Phil Palmer)

relaxunionsquareuse People relaxing on Union Square lawn in the 1950’s: There is little lawn left on Union Square today. Most of the buildings on Post street in the background are gone today, but you can still see two, the one on the far right, and the Williams-Sonoma Building in the center (

relaxunionsquare2use (

Relaxzellabrachuse How they relaxed in the 1970’s

“What do you think about this Watergate investigation stuff?”

“It’s copacetic, dude!” It’s copacetic!”

“Yeah, that’s what I think too. What does that mean?”

This was at the Crown-Zellerbach Plaza.  (Paul C Johnson and Richard Reinhardt)

RelaxWharfuse No artists painting the boats in the Fisherman’s Wharf Lagoon today when I was there:  (Barnaby Conrad and Bay Area Photographers Society)

Cargouse Don’t let the locals tell you that the Red and White Fleet boat rides on the Bay are for tourists; it’s a great way to relax, and the scenery is stunning! Here, the SS Jeremiah O’Brien Liberty Ship makes a nice comparison to the old Philippine Transport cargo ship at dock in the 1950’s when passing by. The Jeremiah O’Brien is a true landmark. She was at Normandy Beach on June 6th 1944 for D Day, and sailed back to Normandy in 1994 from San Francisco for the 50th anniversary of the invasion. She was the only ship of hundreds and hundreds off Normandy that day to make it back on June 6th 1994. Even the Queen of England came aboard to show her respects. (Phil Palmer)

Relaxsayheyuse I’ve been lucky enough to relax at many San Francisco Giants games, going back to seeing the “Say Hey Kid” at Candlestick Park as a boy to today’s AT&T Park.  (Barnaby Conrad and Bay Area Photographers Society)

relaxBARTuse If you don’t go during rush hour, BART is a very relaxing way to travel to and from San Francisco, and you never know who you’ll run into. Wow, President and First Lady Richard and Patricia Nixon! Actually this was a visit from the First Couple to inaugurate the opening of BART in 1972. They traveled from the San Leandro station to the Lake Merritt station in Oakland.

“And one of these days, Mr. President, we’ll get these trains to stop where they’re supposed to!”

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