“Did ya ever get the feeling that ya was being watched?”

Subopeneruse In January of 1951, a World War Two era submarine slipped into San Francisco Bay underwater, and took these pictures of San Francisco through their periscope. It was some kind of authorized mission to see if they could sneak up on a city without being detected by the citizens. I’m glad they were on our side! On the left, they begin their “secret mission’ by following a ship under the Golden Gate Bridge into the Bay. On the right, is the inevitable greeting by pretty girls when they dock after the mission. I wonder who got the puppy!  (Vintages pictures from sfchronicle.com)

subpalaceuse There’s the Palace of Fine Arts on the right.

subMarinause That’s the St Francis Yacht Club Building.    subaquaticuse There’s the Maritime Museum and Ghirardelli Square.

Subalcatrazuse The Catfish circled around Alcatraz to take some close up photos. There was still some pretty bad boys out there when they took this picture, such as, “Machine Gun” Kelly, who wasn’t sent back to Leavenworth until later on in 1951, Alvin Karpis, who rode with “Ma” Barker’s gang, and served more time on Alcatraz than any other prisoner, (twenty six years) and Robert Stroud, “The Birdman of Alcatraz”.    SubTHillBloguse Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower:

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