San Francisco Travel Posters

PosterCalifStuse California Street:

PosterChinatownredouse Grant Avenue and California Street: Only that’s the wrong kind of cable car for the California line. Still, a neat poster.

PosterAlamouse The Painted Ladies of Alamo Square:

Posterhydepieruse The Hyde Street Pier at Aquatic Park:

PostersGGBridgeuse Look at the Golden Gate Bridge! Who, the hell, painted that poster, Salvador Dali?

PostersHydeuse Wow, number 20 and number 21!  Hmm, they spelled Wharf wrong! I wonder how long it took before some astute travel agent noticed that?

underGGBredo What it’s supposed to look like when you sail under the Golden Gate Bridge, and what it looked like the last time I sailed under it:

Postercablecaruse The Bay Bridge from Nob Hill:

Postercliffhouseuse I know, this one’s a postcard, but I don’t want to leave it out.

Sunsetredouse Yeah, well if they can make a fake sunset, so can I.

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