“Boys and Girls Together”

beachredo A day at the beach: The building behind them on the Great Highway would later become Topsy’s Roost.  (Marilyn Blaisdell)boyfunhouseuse The Funhouse at Playland-at-the-Beach in the 1940’s: The Funhouse was where the condo and grass embankment are today.  (Marilyn Blaisdell)boysplaylanduse A busy day at Playland-at-the-Beach during World War Two: The ‘It’ sign in the background was where It’s It ice cream sandwiches were invented. You can still buy them today, and they’re still just as good.   (Marilyn Blaisdell)boywparkuse 1902 – The Statue of Benjamin Franklin in Washington Square: After the 1906 Earthquake, Bennie was moved to the center of the square in the shade. You know how fussy he was! The guy on the far right in the old photo is saying, “Hey, she’s checking me out!” The guy next to him is saying, “She is not, she’s checking me out!” The third guy from the right is saying, “You’re both wrong, she’s checking me out!” The two guys on the left of the statue are saying, “Look, she’s checking me out!” “No she isn’t, she’s checking me out!” The lady across from them is saying, “These guys are giving me the creeps! I wish they’d stop looking at me!”  Boysksfouse 1942 – The KSFO broadcasting crew at their station and tower on Islais Creek during World War ll. Although, talk show format now, KSFO played the popular music the baby boomers folks loved in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s, and it’s theme song. ‘Sound of the City’ was rated one of the most beautiful station identification commercials in the country in the1960’s. Click on the link below. Although fenced off, the art deco building and broadcasting tower are still at Islais Creek today.

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