Slideback Sunday

churchuse Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe at Broadway and Mason in the 1920’s: I had a profound religious experience here. The climb to get to this church felt like halfway to Heaven!

slideblimpuse City Hall, circa 1915: Now that has to be the homeliest blimp I’ve ever seen! The Main San Francisco Library now occupies the spot on the left where the building with the Durham Tobacco ad was.

slideEFreewayuse There are people who will tell you that the Embarcadero Freeway served a purpose, and that they miss it. Just pass by them slowly, and say a prayer for them. The sign at the lower left of the vintage picture looks like it reads “HELL”, but it wasn’t that bad!  SLIDEGOOFOFFSUSE Military discipline at the Presidio in the 1930’s was tough!
“Alright you two goof offs, get over there and finish that bridge!”
“Yes, Sir!”

slideggbridgeuse “Pedestrian Day” traffic at the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge, May 27, 1937:

Sliderollercoasteruse The old Playland-at-the-Beach Rollercoaster was where the tan condominiums are to day.

slidemerrygorounduse Built in 1907, and moved to Playland-at-the-Beach, then known as Chutes at the Beach in 1913, the Playland merry go round thrilled kids and parents alike until the park closed in 1972. Moms still wave to their kids today on the Playland Merry-go-round relocated to Fourth & Howard Streets in Downtown San Francisco.

SlideTPeaksuse It sure was pretty last Sunday up on Twin Peaks! It’s nice to know that you can still see the Bay Bridge from here like you could in the 1950’s.

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