Russian Hill

Cartoonopeneruse “The Crookedest Street in the World.” It’s a nice Jigsaw Puzzle picture, but cable cars don’t run on Leavenworth at the bottom, only Hyde at the top, and I don’t think that the residents on Lombard are that happy to see tourists.

COOLBRITHUSE A Downtown San Francisco painting of long ago from Ina Coolbrith Park: Legend has it that Russian Hill got its name when the early 49ers discovered the graves of seven Russian sailors while they explored the hill.

hydeunionuse Hyde at Union in the 1950’s:


Russian Hill has some of the most spectacular views in San Francisco! Here, two cable cars seem to teeter on the edge of disaster on Hyde Street in danger of sliding into the Bay.

hydegripuse Three views of cable cars on the “Hyde Street Grip” near Francisco Street:


The view down Broadway from Russian Hill is, absolutely, stunning!


Nob Hill from Russian Hill: You can see the Mark Hopkins Hotel on the left. The people here look over to Nob Hill and think, “Our hill is better!” while the people on Nob Hill look back and think, “Our hill is better!” It’s a vicious circle!


Unfortunately, the steepness of Russian Hill has caused some of the buildings here to topple over on their side! (I know, you guys are way too smart for me on this one!)  GreenwichHydebloguse Hyde at Greenwich on Russian Hill in 1949: The girl at the front of the cable car in the vintage picture looks like Carole Lombard, but she was gone by then.  (Mercer Photos)

lombardbloguse A visit to Russian Hill wouldn’t be complete without a drive down “the Crookedest Street in the World”, either in 2016 or in 1939. You can just make out Coit Tower to the right of the streetlamp in the vintage photo.

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