More San Francisco in 1949

1949horsetradersuse Putting on the feedbag with a few horse traders at the Stock Exchange Building at Sansome and Pine Streets:  1949Fifiuse “Now, stay there, Fifi!”
As if “Fifi” wasn’t bad enough, it’s a boy! The now closed Xanadu Gallery in Maiden Lane is the only building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in San Francisco.  1949spotsuse “Nice looking dog! Let me guess, its name is “Spot”. Right?”
“No, “Checks”. Did I make a mistake?”
1949SunYetuse I love this picture; a couple of bobby sox artists near the statue of Sun Yat-sen in St. Mary’s Square.  Crosbyuse The following were some of San Francisco’s prominent 1949 visitors.
Bing: I don’t think anybody ever gave San Francisco a nicer comment!  Hopeuse Bob: The same in real life as he was in his movies!  Elenoreuse Class is where you find it.  Cantorusetwo Old Banjo-Eyes was a little weird!  Wrightuse He was a great architect, but he sure wasn’t very imaginative when it came to verbal praise!

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