San Francisco in 1949

1949copterlonguse “Look, it’s a UFO!”
“No honey, that’s a helicopter.”
Ocean Beach in 1949: The Playland Roller-Coaster was where the condos are behind the yellow pedestrian crossing sign.  1949cliffhouseuse A 1949 color (sort of) photo of the Cliff House. It’s more popular now than ever, and the food is good, but, to me, there’s something missing since the remodeling of 2002. The consensus is that it’s for the best, but when the sun rises on one side of the world, it sets on the other. Hmmm, I’m getting a little too profound here!  1949sutrosuse This discarded 1949 San Francisco News edition at Sutro Heights reads, “IT’S 92! HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR.  1949coitbloguse A Columbusless Coit Tower: There’s that helicopter again. Hey, don’t follow me, I’m not Sean Penn! 1949kearnybloguse “Hey Mister, wash your car?”


Boy, the waves were crashing on Seal Rocks today! I was lip guitaring the surf rock song ‘Pipeline’ when I snapped this.  1949mapuse This old 1949 cartoon map of San Francisco is fun to look at. I like the Coit Tower and Mount Davidson Cross being dragged into place. From day one until I lost him, Danny loved chewing on my books and magazines, anything paper. It looks like he got to this one too. I hope I didn’t bawl him out too much!  1949beachuse Speaking of Danny, days like this on Ocean Beach make me miss my little man so much! (Vintage photo, Robert L. Fraser)


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