Danny at Ocean Beach


I lost my little dog ‘Danny’ after sixteen years and five months on September 9th of this year. Giving me one last gift of love, he died in my arms at home where I would have wanted him to be. He loved Ocean Beach as much as I do, and this was his last visit there. Of family, friends, and lovers, no San Francisco trip was more fun than those with Danny.

I saw your nose poke in the door,
each night my dream’s the same.
Although you’re not here anymore,
I called you and you came.

I picked you up and held you tight.
I asked you where you’ve been.
I knew if I turned on the light,
you’d disappear again.

Oh, Danny, I’m not good with this.
I don’t know when I’ll heal.
And you’re the one I’ll always miss;
the loss I’ll always feel.

Except at night when I’m asleep,
and once again you’re here.
Where in my dreams, you’ll always keep,
and never disappear.

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