Dressing up for the City

DressupredoNobody dresses up anymore when they go to San Francisco. (He said, as he went over to San Francisco in a Winn-Dixie T-shirt, and cutoffs made from a 1990’s pair of jeans!) Here, a trip to Market Street at Lotta’s Fountain in the early 1900’s: You, simply, didn’t go out in those days without your best bustle!

Ladydancingbloguse “WILL DANCE IN MY SUNDAY-GO-TO-MEETING CLOTHES FOR FOOD”: I don’t know who she is, but she’s drawing them in. This was at the I Magnin Store, now a part of Macy’s, across from Union Square in the 1970’s.

Grantavebloguse Grant Ave at Geary: I Magnin & Company moved up one block to Stockton and Geary in the 1940’s.

Graysonbloguse Elegance near Grayson’s Store that used to be across Market Street from Powell: To tell you the truth, I think the styles of the girls on the right are just as cool You can see the ‘E’ from the old Emporium Department Store on the far left in the 1950’s picture. (Vintage photo Fred Lyon)

MaidenLanebloguse Maiden Lane in the 1950’s: She knows she’s hot! That building on the right with the round entrance, is the only building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in San Francisco. (Bay Area Photographers Society)

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