Out of focus in the 1960s (For the Maritime National Park crew at the Hyde Street Pier)

Well, maybe not out of focus, but the clarity of these vintage pictures from the Sixties could be a little sharper, They’re still interesting to look at though. (Thumbnail images)

The Hyde Street Pier: Love those sun glasses. “We mean no harm to your planet!” (Vintage Everyday)

The cable car turnaround at Bay and Taylor Streets: Cost Plus is gone now, (I loved that store) but the 76 Gas Station is still there. (blogspot.com)

The intersection of Jefferson and Taylor Streets at Fisherman’s Wharf sure has changed now. Parking 75 cents for 4 hours: What a rip off! (Vintage Everyday)

A Hyde Street cable car coming into Aquatic Park passed the old Cannery Building: Cable car tracks were realigned during the 1982 shutdown of the system and now enter and leave Aquatic Park from the corner of Beach and Hyde Streets. (Vintage Everyday)


Grant Avenue and Jackson Street: A “bug” following a “bug” in the vintage picture; sounds like all of the viruses that are appearing nowadays.

Looking down Washington Street between Stockton Street and Grant Avenue: The old Hall of Justice Building is in the background of the vintage picture. Also, on the left is the Golden Dragon Restaurant, the location of one of San Francisco’s worst massacres. On September 4th 1977, gang members stormed into the restaurant and opened fire with automatic weapons and rifles, killing five people and wounding eight others. The shootings stunned San Francisco, and restaurant reservations in Chinatown were cancelled “en masse”. All of the gang members who did the shootings have been released from prison now.

A street preacher at the Powell and Market Street turnaround: No meat, tea or coffee, among other things. How about adding NO STREET FENTANYL OR SMASH AND GRABS nowadays? Even the nuns seem to be getting a kick out of this guy. (Vintage Everyday)

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