The Merced Branch Library (For the Institute for Historical Study)


In 2020, I was accepted as a member of the Institute for Historical Study. In February of this year, I was proud to be elected as one of its Directors. Yesterday, IHS was part of ‘Open House Day’ at the Merced Branch Library. I’m glad our table was where the New Books are, rather than being under the Yesterday’s Classics sign. (Thumbnail images)

I found a few pictures from the San Francisco Public Library Archives of the inside of the Merced Branch Library before I went, looks like the 1960s. The library has been remodeled considerably since it opened in 1957.


This is the opposite view of the previous vintage picture. The girl with the blond hair behind the info counter got a kick out of the old pictures, and helped me get my line ups.

The library is on the corner of Winston Drive and 19th Avenue, across from the Stonestown Shopping Mall, seen in the vintage picture from the 1950s before the library was built. (


This view is looking back across 19th Avenue to where the library is today from Stonestown in 1953, a year after the shopping center opened. (


Looking northeast across 19th Avenue in 1945 before the Merced Branch Library was built: San Francisco State University is behind where I’m standing. The M Line still runs along here. (






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