A city in motion, part two (Thumbnail images)

Motion on the Bay Bridge in the 1970s: I should have been one more lane over to the center, but I have two excuses; the truck in my picture would have blocked out the Bay Bridge towers. Also, I took my picture before I found the 70s picture, and it made a good match up.

People in motion at Market, Ellis, and Stockton Streets in 1947: No, it’s not your imagination; there definitely aren’t as many people in my picture at this corner as there was in the old photo. In fact, I’m not sure there were that many people in all of San Francisco on the day I took my picture! Both pictures are looking across Market Street to the old Pacific Building on Market Street and 4th, built in 1907. (SF Gate/San Francisco Chronicle)


The motion of mass transit; the Muni Metro Powell Station in the 1980s: The Muni Metro Subway System is another one of the things that “The city that knows how” gets an A+ on. (SFMTA Archives)

Traffic in motion near the Embarcadero Freeway entrance at Broadway and Sansome Street in the 1970s: I used this entrance often before it was demolished in 1991, and I have to admit that made getting to the Bay Bridge easier. However, that said, I don’t miss the Embarcadero Freeway one inkling. (Redditt)

The motion of a parade: “When Johnny comes marching home again. Hurrah! Hurrah!” Doughboys marching past 5th and Market Streets in 1918; back from the World War One battlegrounds of Europe: (SF Gate/San Francisco Chronicle)





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