The new Treasure Island Ferry Service

I should have posted this yesterday after I took the ride; it would be a great place to take your mom for lunch on Mother’s Day. They have a restaurant out there that gets favorable reviews called the Mersea Restaurant, which probably isn’t going to be crowded today. The fifteen minute boat ride cost five bucks out and five bucks back, and is well worth it with the spectacular views of San Francisco and the Bay along the ride. (Thumbnail images)

The skyline view of San Francisco is a lot different now than it was in 1970. You can still see at least three buildings from here  now, The Ferry Building, the Southern Pacific Building, and the Bank of America Building. (

The Bay Bridge under construction in the mid 1930s: (

You dock across from the old Administration Building, one of the only three surviving buildings from the 1939/1940 Treasure Island International Exposition on the island.

Inside the Administration Building:


In the 1939 film ‘Charlie Chan at Treasure Island’, staring Sidney Toler as Chan, there’s a great aerial view of the fair from the Pan Am flying boat that  Charlie Chan arrives at Treasure Island from Hawaii on. It passes over the Administration Building and the Sun Tower.

Docking at Clipper Cove, Chan is hot on the trail of another murderer. That’s the new and old eastern span of the Bay Bridge in the background.

The old Clipper Cove, where the China Clipper Flying boats used to take off and arrive overseas to and from the Philippines.

The mutiny trial from the 1954 film ‘The Caine Mutiny’, starring Humphrey Bogart, takes place in the Administration Building. Here, Jose Ferrer passes the checkpoint in a Jeep on his way to the Administration Building to prepare for his defense of the mutineers.


The jeep pulls up to entrance to the Administration Building.

Pulling away from the island, and heading back to the office just in time to catch the Kentucky Derby Race on TV.

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