4th, 5th, and 6th Streets

Last November, I posted a collection of vintage pictures from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Streets. On last Sunday, I took BART over to San Francisco to do some updates of vintage pictures from 4th, 5th, and 6th Streets; not necessarily an upgrade. This was actually a historic day for BART because this was the first day since the transit system opened in 1972 that all five of the BART lines were running on a Sunday. (Thumbnail pictures)

Looking across Market Street from 4th Street to Stockton and Ellis Streets in 1942: The old Flood Building at Powell and Market Streets is on the left in both pictures. (San Francisco Picture Blog)

Looking the exact opposite from the previous picture is Market Street and Stockton, looking toward 4th Street in 1979. (San Francisco Picture Blog)


4th Street at Natoma, looking toward Market Street in 1941: Natoma, on the right, doesn’t cut through to 4th Street anymore. Minna Street, where the car is turning into on the left in the vintage picture, still does. The old Roos Brothers building at Stockton and Market Streets, built in 1907, is in the far background of both pictures. (SFMTA Archives)

A streetcar turns south on to 5th Street from Market Street in 1941: The view is looking north across Market Street to where the Hallidie Plaza BART Station is today. (opensfhistory.org)

The crown jewel of 5th Street is the old U.S. Mint Building on 5th and Mission Streets, built in 1874. To the left of this view, and out of the picture, is the San Francisco Chronicle Building. Herb Caen wrote so many passages in his columns and books about activities he witnessed at this intersection. (San Francisco Picture Blog)

Looking west on Market Street toward Twin Peaks from 6th Street in 1945, with the old Paramount Theater on the right.  (San Francisco Picture Blog)


6th Street at Natoma in 1985: This is not a pleasant walk from Market Street to here nowadays; enough said. The old Golden Gate Theater, on Golden Gate Avenue and Taylor Streets, is in the far background of both pictures. (San Francisco Picture Blog)

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