New Year’s Eve forecast, paper rain throughout the day (For Steve)

I sure do remember the tradition of throwing calendar pages out of office buildings on December 31st. When we were teenagers we used to love to go over to Downtown San Francisco and walk shin deep through the piles of calendar paper on the sidewalks. It was a tradition that had to go, and it has. The last time I saw anything resembling it was in 1994, and it was nothing compared to New Year’s Eves of the past. These are a few pictures from the San Francisco Chronicle remembering ‘Street Sweepers Lament Day’ from past years. (Thumbnail images)


California Street near Montgomery, 1972:


260 California Street, 1991:

California Street, up from Kearny Street, 1980:


Montgomery Street near Pine Street, 1975: You can’t see much of the Pyramid Building from here anymore.


Sacramento and Montgomery Streets, 1981:






3 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve forecast, paper rain throughout the day (For Steve)

  • It continued into 1991?! Wow, I missed out. My colleague and I were just recently talking about being in San Francisco at midnight on the day ‘after’ New Year’s Day in about 1987 or so (yes, between January 1 and January 2, instead of December 31 and January 1). We went to the Equinox. I do not remember the mess. I can remember the day, but not the year. It was before the Earthquake, but not 1988. It was after 1986. It ‘must’ have been 1987, or perhaps 1989. You know, it wasn’t 1987, but was 1989. I remember that the Earthquake happened less than a year after he drove on the Cypress structure to get from Oakland to San Francisco. Anyway, San Jose never got so messy. There were not many big skyscrapers back then, and the few that were there at the time were not as big as those in San Francisco. There just were not as many windows to toss calendars from.

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