Taking in the town the easy way (For Carrie Ann)

Last week, one of my nieces bought me an expensive electric bike as a surprise gift, and had it delivered from Texas. What a sweetheart, and what a blast I’m having! Last Sunday and today, I decided to ride around San Francisco hogging the camera and having nothing but fun; bicycling around all day without getting any exercise. Hey, don’t shake your heads; I’ve paid my dues around those SF hills on a regular bike many times in the past! (Thumbnail images)

California and Powell Streets, one of my favorite spots: Even taking a bus up here sometimes tires me out, but not today.


Bush Street and Grant Avenue at the entrance to Chinatown: (opensfhistory.org)


Relaxing awhile with Janis at the Palace of Fine Arts:


The Embarcadero, south of the Ferry Building in 1987, and about the same spot today: The little tyke in the purple skirt on my right in the picture was the one who bought me the bike.

2 thoughts on “Taking in the town the easy way (For Carrie Ann)

  • It has been so long since I was at the Palace of Fine Arts that I do not remember what trees are there. I remember only Monterey pines and Monterey cypress, but I know there are others, especially nowadays. There must be some cedars there too. I just do not remember any.

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