A visit to Pier 45

This the first time I’ve been back here since the tremendous fire May 23rd 2020 destroyed Shed C of Pier 45 where the World War Two Liberty Ship, the Jeremiah O’Brien was docked. (Thumbnail images)


Looking toward Telegraph Hill from near the end of Pier 45:


Work clearing away the debris from the fire has uncovered some of the old Belt Line Railroad tracks.


Passengers, including me, waiting for the gates to open for the Fleet Day Cruise in October of 2017: The bottom picture of the gates now reminds me of the Portals of the Past out in Golden Gate Park


The view from the top of the Jeremiah O’Brien looking over Pier 45 toward Telegraph Hill and Downtown San Francisco was stunning!


Looking out over the top of Pier 45 toward the Golden Gate Bridge during the Parade of Ships for Fleet Week, 2018:


I took the top photo looking through the closed gates toward the Jeremiah O’Brien on March 21st 2020, four days after the shelter-in-place order of March 17th shut down the Liberty Ship indefinitely. Nobody could have imagined the inferno that would hit this portion of the pier just two months later.

“Hey, fella! What happened to the ship that was here?”

Actually, the Jeremiah O’Brien is tucked away at Pier 35 right now, but the crew is hoping to bring the ship back to her spot here at Pier 45 by next year.










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