‘Stranger on the Shore’

ShoremeuseI had that song stuck in my head when I went over to SF yesterday. I heard that they may be discouraging people from going to Ocean Beach during the pandemic, but there isn’t any problem; people are practicing social distancing, and there were plenty of social distancing police on hand to make sure they behaved.

ShorechousefromsutrouseA stranger on the shore on Sutro Heights above the Cliff House: (Pinterest and ebay)

PlaylandaerialuseA view of Playland-at-the-Beach from Sutro Heights in the 1970s near the end of its run: You can see the Funhouse and Merry-go-round in the upper right. The new then Safeway in the upper left is still there. (mksgrist.wix.com)

ShorePLobosuseLooking down Point Lobos Road past the Cliff House and Sutr0 Heights toward Ocean Beach in the 1940s: (Pinterest)

Shore2StrangersbloguseTwo strangers on the shore, Although maybe not to each other, at the Cliff House in the 1940s: (opensfhistory and outsidelands.org))

ShoregirluseA Victorian stranger on the shore: (Vintage photography)

ShoreOBeachuseA great colorized picture of Ocean Beach circa 1900: It may be gloomy thinking, but it’s possible that some of the people in the vintage photo died during the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918-1919. At any rate, they’re all gone now. (Reddit colorized by Jordan Lloyd)

ShoreSRocksuseFamilies on Ocean Beach with Seal Rocks in the background in the late 1800s:(Worthpoint.com)

ShorestepsuseSo 1970s! They removed the steps on the seawall by the 1980s.  (Pinterest and ebay)

ShorePlaylanduseFor those who remember Playland-at-the-Beach, and I do, the Funhouse was on the left behind where the grass embankment is now, the merry-go-round was in the center where the condo is. (Flickr)











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