More then and nows from a locked down town

San Francisco, like the rest of the world, has extended the shelter in place order until at least May. It’s absolutely necessary during the COVID19 Pandemic. San Francisco, although still just as beautiful, is a lonelier city to visit now, but it does offer once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities for a San Francisco aficionado.

LockdownOBeachuseI observe very little “social distancing” at Ocean Beach in 1948. (

LockdownCHouseuseThe Cliff House closed up tight and there’s still little parking in front. That’s because the Ocean Beach Parking Lot has been closed off and people are still going to the beach.

LockdownChaletuseThe Beach Chalet on the western edge of Golden Gate Park in 1963; now closed and quiet. (San Francisco Chronicle)

LockdownAlamouseAlamo looking northeast toward the “Painted Ladies” after the 1906 Earthquake: (Vintage photo from the California Academy of Sciences)

LockdownLombarduseThe famous Lombard Street, between Hyde and Leavenworth Streets, is still open to traffic, but there are few cars or people visiting the tourist site. (

lockdowmhydeuseThe Hyde Street Gripless! The best portion of the entire cable car system looks even quieter than the old 1920s photo.

LockdownGGBridgeuseA closed and empty Golden Gate Bridge Promenade last Friday and in June of 1987 with me and some of my family: This area has changed a lot since then.




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