Segue to November and football weather

I seem to be weaving a weather pattern lately. It’s probably a lack of imagination on my part, but it allows me to post a number of unrelated pictures and categorize them all under a weather theme. With college football games every Saturday in November and NFL football games on Sundays, and with work piling up in the office during the week, it might be difficult for me to get away to do some picture taking as often as I’d like to. I snuck over yesterday, the first Sunday of November, and took a walk from Nob Hill through Chinatown to get these pictures. After a late breakfast at Roxanne’s Café on Powell Street, I still made it back for some afternoon and evening football games.

NovCalifPowelluseA wonderful picture looking down California Street from above Powell Street during the 1940s: Ah, look at the old cable car signal box and the Crest Garage on the right in the old photo. The Crest Garage Building was demolished at the beginning of 2018. (Ebay)

NovCrestuseI probably should have left this one out, mine wasn’t a very good picture, but what the heck; the vintage one is a picture of the old Crest Garage during the 1960s when it was called Rolls Garage. All that’s left of the Crest Garage right now is scaffolding around a building going up and portable bathrooms. (Vintage Everyday)

NovPineuseA foggy Fred Lyon gem looking toward Grant Avenue from Pine Street during the 1950s:

NovStMaryuseIn my last post I showed a picture of two ladies from the late 1950s making a telephone call from a phone booth next to Old St. Mary’s Church that was designed to look like a telephone booth in Chinatown should look. This picture taken in the early 1960s is the only other picture I’ve seen yet of that old telephone booth with the red roof on the far right. The telephone booth was just behind where the cement potted tree is in my picture.

NovCTownuseLooking north on Grant Avenue from Sacramento Street in 1958: I’ve seen pictures of that Bakery sign in the center of both pictures that go back to World War Two, and it still lights up in neon at night. (

NocClayuseI’ve written in the past that this blog isn’t about my pictures, but the vintage photos. I don’t pretend that any of my pictures have any lasting quality, but a picture like this one from by Fred Lyon taken during the 1940s certainly does. What I do take a small pride in is often being able to locate where vintage pictures were taken when the location isn’t described. However, probably anyone with any knowledge of San Francisco history might be able to track this spot down too. Bail Bond businesses were located all around the old Hall of Justice Building on Kearney Street like this one on Clay Street, just east of Kearny. The old Hall of Justice Building was demolished in 1967 for some stupid reason and a Hilton Hotel now occupies the spot. Films like ‘The Lady from Shanghai from 1947, ‘Impact’ from 1949, and ‘The Man Who Cheated Himself’ from 1950 filmed scenes at the old Hall, as well as television shows like ‘The Lineup’ and ‘Ironside’.








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