And Halloween weather in the ‘Noir City’

Windy and spooky! Most of the vintage pictures here were taken during the 1940s and 1950s from the rediscovered Life Magazine photographer Fred Lyon.

NoirmasonTurkuseMason Street at Turk in the 1950s:

NoirboothuseGrant Avenue, next to Old Saint Mary’s Church: Well, I hope that they got their Uber ride. Oh wait, Uber didn’t exist back then. The little Chinese telephone booth is gone now.

NoirKearnyuseKearny Street looking south in the 1950s: Fred Lyon’s picture here looks more like a painting.

NoirFairmontuseThe Fairmont Hotel looking north toward the Brocklebank Apartments:

NoirHuntingtonuseThe Huntington Hotel from Huntington Park minus the fog in my picture:

NoirCTownuseGrant Avenue in Chinatown looking north toward Sacramento Street:

NoirTopMarkuseA wonderful nighttime view looking east from the Top of the Mark long ago: (








One thought on “And Halloween weather in the ‘Noir City’

  • Your old pictures really demonstrate why those who know San Francisco are so fond of it. My great grandfather and great grandmother were born in 1899 and 1901 respectively, so were in their 40s during the 1940s. They were frequently in San Francisco and environs. They happened to be in San Francisco when navy ships coming into Alameda turned around and left in response to the Bombing of Pearl Harbor.

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