“With a little help from my friends”

bUnknown1Unknown3Unlnown4Unknown2I took a lot of slide pictures around San Francisco during the 1980s and I’ve posted a number of them here on my site. Most of my slides I remember where they were taken or the locations are easy to identify, but these top four slides from 1985 I couldn’t place where they were taken at. I put the pictures on a Facebook page called San Francisco Remembered and asked if anybody recognized the spots. Many of the members of San Francisco Remembered know the city better than anyone I know, and there’s always someone in the group who can identify a San Francisco street or area. Well, the San Francisco Remembered group members didn’t help me locate where my pictures were taken; they identified the spots right down to a T. I also learned from where members said that the pictures were taken that I probably took them all on the same day.

FriendsLagunauseThis was taken from Market Street, looking north where Hermann and Laguna Streets meet. I think my old picture would have been from aboard the MUNI Boat Tram that I probably was riding along Market Street on as we passed by. The wall and buildings on the left have been remodeled and new ones built since 1985.

FriendsDuboceuseI thought we must have been going into a tunnel on this one. MUNI started running old streetcars along Market Street around 1984 or 1985; this was before the F and E Lines of old streetcars running along Market Street and the Embarcadero today were placed in service. It looks like I was riding at the back of the number 228 Boat Tram from Blackpool England when I took my picture. Turns out I was on Duboce at the bottom of the U. S. Mint, which was on my left. This was close as MUNI officials would let me get yesterday to get my update.

FriendsTPeaksuseThis looks like it must have been the end of the line for the Boat Tram ride. The street car can’t turn around so I wonder how I got back! Actually, there was a turn around and you can see where the tracks were in the update I did of the previous picture. This is looking west toward  Buena Vista Park in the opposite direction from the previous picture. The mountain that the U.S. Mint sits on is on the right. The little “Dinky” on the left they were working on in 1985 still runs along Market Street and the Embarcadero occasionally.

FriendsGoughuseNow, this one I should have known! I know that San Francisco had two double-deck freeways in 1985, both gone now, the Embarcadero Freeway and the Central Freeway. I also knew that my older picture couldn’t have been taken anywhere along the Embarcadero Freeway. It had to be looking toward the Central Freeway, but I couldn’t place the street. The church at right central in the old photo would have been one of the best clues and I should have studied it closer. This is Gough Street from Market Street looking north. I was using my Minolta X700 zoom lens for the old picture as we rolled by. The church was Saint Paulus’ Lutheran church, seen in a number of movies, such as ‘Greed’, ‘The Man Who Cheated Himself’ and ‘Vertigo’. The church burned down in 1995. The Central Freeway, like the Embarcadero Freeway, was demolished after the Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989.






One thought on ““With a little help from my friends”

  • Wow, that is impressive that all were found. I would have tried to identify the church buildings. They are always so distinctive. Of course, the freeway is very distinctive too.

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