10 days!!!

Well, I guess San Francisco will get by without cable cars for that long; the city got by without them for nearly two years thirty seven years ago. But in case you miss them during the ten day maintenance shut down, these are some cable car pictures that I’ve posted on my blog in the past.

CCarBablyonusePacific Gas and Electric salutes MUNI on its 50th anniversary in front of the St. Francis Hotel in 1962: This might have been where Beach Blanket Babylon got their idea. Beach Blanket Babylon will be closing its 45 year run at the end of 2019. (Mike Phipps & Don Holmgren)

CCarCastrouseA lonely little cable car heads up Castro Street in the 1930s: The Castro Line ran from Market Street to 26th Street. (Mike Phipps & Don Holmgren)

CCarJoiceA cable car heads up Sacramento Street past Joice Alley between Powell and Stockton Streets in the early 1900s:

CCarCrestusePowell and California Streets looking toward the old Crest Garage in the 1940s: The Crest Garage was demolished in early 2018.

CcarFillmoreuseCable cars used to run up Fillmore Street from the Bay once too:

CCarCalifwestuseThe loneliest of the five cable car boarding and ending points, California Street at Van Ness, looking east up Nob Hill. The vintage picture is from the 1950s.

CCarNobHilluseLooking west up Nob Hill from California and Drumm Streets where the eastern beginning / ending of the California Street cable car line is in the late 1950s or early 196’s:

CCarLyonuse A cable car approaches Taylor Street along Jackson Street in the 1950s: The cable car in the vintage is number 515; there are only 40 of them today. (Fred Lyon)

CCarHydeuseRiding along on the “Hyde Street Grip”:

CCarSamuseJack Lemmon races his Thunderbird past the Bay and Taylor cable car turnaround in the 1964 film ‘Good Neighbor Sam’.  Although you can’t see it in my photo, that 76 gas station on the right is still there.

CCarAquaticuseThe cable car turnaround at Aquatic Park in the 1960s: This is a great picture, right down to the grip man with cigarette in his mouth! (Glenn Christiansen)

CCarReaganuseCalifornia Governor Ronald Reagan and Mrs. Nancy Reagan on a cable car heading up Powell Street just past Post Street in 1966: (buzzfeed.com)

CCarPowellCalifuseA zoom in looking down California Street toward Powell in the 1970s: (Minerva)

CCarsignalusA cable car approaches the signal box on the southeast corner of California and Powell Streets in the 1970s: (Minerva)

CCarTurntableuseWell, now look at that, the cable cars were down for awhile in the 1970s too! This is at the Powell and Market Streets turnaround.

80'spowelluseCable cars were definitely down from 1982 until 1984 for a complete repair of the system. This is a redo of a slide picture I took in 1983 on Powell Street north of Sutter. The entire San Francisco cable car system was shut down.

CCarCalifrepairsuseThis is another slide photo I took in 1983 on California Street up from Grant Ave. You can see the construction work on the cable car line down California Street.

CCar1984useThis slide I took was in June of 1984 in front of the St. Francis Hotel. San Francisco was celebrating the reopening of the cable car system.







3 thoughts on “10 days!!!

  • San Francisco certainly has a lot of those Ficuc mirocarpa ‘Nitida’ trees now. They do not do so well in the Santa Clara Valley, where they get frosted every few years. They are too common in Los Angeles. Although very pretty and easy to work with above ground, their roots are seriously aggressive.

    • Ah, Thank you, Tony! I know as much about trees as I do about fixing computers, and I sure enjoy your info. The only thing I do notice is that there were so little trees planted in the vintage pictures.

      • Trees were a ‘different’ priority back then. For a long time, they were allowed only where they did not obscure interesting architecture. Because arboriculture was so primitive back then, big trees were not easy to maintain.

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