Morton Alley

MortonAlleyuse Morton Alley on St. Patrick’s Day 1948, and all dressed up at Christmastime nowadays: Morton Alley was the original name for Maiden Lane, just off Union Square.  The name of the street was changed to Maiden Lane after the 1906 Earthquake. No offense to Lombard Street, but I don’t see why more tourists don’t flock to Maiden Lane as well as Lombard Street; it has a more interesting history. Somebody had a sense of humor when they renamed Maiden Lane. The “maidens” of Morton Alley were, well, let’s just say far from maidenly!

StPat's2019 Also, a green carnation for all of the lovely lasses who come in to the office over St. Patrick’s Day weekend and lots of Irish jokes. I’m part Irish so I can take that license.
What do you call a tipsy Irishman bouncing off the walls?
Rick O’Shea.

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